Psychometric Properties of the HFS

The Heartland Forgiveness Scale (HFS):

  • Measures a person’s dispositional forgiveness of self, others, and situations beyond anyone’s control (e.g., a natural disaster or illness).
  • Is a self-report questionnaire.
  • Can be completed with paper and pencil or on the computer.
  • Has 18 items.
  • Consists of the Total HFS and 3 subscales:
    • Total HFS (18 items)
    • Forgiveness of Self (6 items)
    • Forgiveness of Others (6 items)
    • Forgiveness of Situations (6 items)
  • Has demonstrated desirable psychometric properties.
    • Convergent validity
    • Satisfactory internal consistency reliability
    • Strong test-retest reliability
    • A clear and consistent factor structure that supports the assertion that the HFS assesses forgiveness of self, others, and situations, and also the overarching construct of the disposition to grant forgiveness