Take the HFS

Directions: In the course of our lives negative things may occur because of our own actions, the actions of others, or circumstances beyond our control. For some time after these events, we may have negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves, others, or the situation. Think about how you typically respond to such negative events. Next to each of the following items write the number (from the 7-point scale below) that best describes how you typically respond to the type of negative situation described. There are no right or wrong answers. Please be as open as possible in your answers.

1. Although I feel badly at first when I mess up, over time I can give myself some slack.
2. I hold grudges against myself for negative things I’ve done.
3. Learning from bad things that I’ve done helps me get over them.
4. It is really hard for me to accept myself once I’ve messed up.
5. With time I am understanding of myself for mistakes I’ve made.
6. I don’t stop criticizing myself for negative things I’ve felt, thought, said, or done.
7. I continue to punish a person who has done something that I think is wrong.
8. With time I am understanding of others for the mistakes they’ve made.
9. I continue to be hard on others who have hurt me.
10. Although others have hurt me in the past, I have eventually been able to see them as good people.
11. If others mistreat me, I continue to think badly of them.
12. When someone disappoints me, I can eventually move past it.
13. When things go wrong for reasons that can’t be controlled, I get stuck in negative thoughts about it.
14. With time I can be understanding of bad circumstances in my life.
15. If I am disappointed by uncontrollable circumstances in my life, I continue to think negatively about them.
16. I eventually make peace with bad situations in my life.
17. It’s really hard for me to accept negative situations that aren’t anybody’s fault.
18. Eventually I let go of negative thoughts about bad circumstances that are beyond anyone’s control.